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Heroes of the Dark

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The Shadow Moor's boundaries are growing, and more and more cats are being pulled into the darkness's grasp. How shall these tribes survive the grip of the shadows? It's up to the cats who still have light in their hearts to save the tribes once and for all...

Years ago, the leader of a tribe of cats by the name of Crooked was walking through the woods with a disgusted look on his face. He absolutely hated the other tribes, Fortum and Celer. He wanted to steal their territory to increase the size of his tribe, Sol. While he was walking, Crooked stumbled across a strange line of bracken and brambles. Curious, Crooked stepped over the line and into a peculiar area of land where no life grew and no light touched the ground. Crooked noticed that the barrier of brambles and bracken marked the territory of the lifeless land.

While he was looking around the strange place, Crooked heard a cracked whisper come from behind him. He turned, expecting an ancient cat to be standing behind him, but instead there was a dark, shadowy figure of a cat hovering above him like a ghost. Only two yellow eyes shone on the shadow-cat’s face.

“Who are you?!” Crooked hissed in alarm. The shadow-cat did not say a word, but a gleam of evil sparked in the figure’s eyes. At once, the shadow-cat lunged at Crooked. He tried to duck, but the shadow entered his body and locked itself in the tom’s heart, turning it icy cold. Crooked ran out of the evil land, trying to escape the darkness in his heart, but it did not leave. His mind suddenly filled with thoughts of anger and revenge, and Crooked’s fur darkened and spiked. He turned into a monster of a cat.

Crooked, no longer his true self, stormed back into his tribe's camp. Many cats growled at him and approached him, thinking that Crooked was an intruder. When he stepped up on a large rock in the middle of camp and called a meeting, the tribe cats realized that the “monster” was their leader, and were shocked to see him in such a condition. Crooked told his tribe that they were to attack Fortum and Celer in an attempt to steal their territory and make all of the Great Forest their rightful home. After much discussion, the tribe cats of Sol finally agreed to ambush the other tribes.

The next night, Sol attacked Fortum and Celer and a large battle broke out. For an entire moon the tribes fought, and many lives were lost. The war did not end until cats from each tribe decided to try and kill Crooked, and were successful.

After the battle was over, the leader of Fortum, Moon, the leader of Celer, Cloud, and the deputy of Sol, Sun, met and revealed that they had all found a shadowed land where no life lived. The three decided to name the land the Shadow Moor, and that every cat was forbidden to step over the line of the moor. If a cat spotted a barrier of bramble and bracken, they were to turn away from it and run.

Many moons passed, and one day a disastrous thunderstorm broke out, flooding the camps and destroying part of the line of bracken and bramble. The darkness and evil of the Shadow Moor rushed into the tribes’ camps, turning many cats’ hearts to ice. A few brave cats decided to try and repair the barrier of the Shadow Moor, locking the shadows back into their proper home. Unfortunately, the cats were unable to completely repair the border, and now, years after the great storm, the darkness of the Shadow Moor is leaking outside of its boundaries. More and more cats are becoming at risk of being pulled into the Shadow Moor’s grasp, and only the cats with light and warmth left in their hearts can save the tribes and banish the evil forever, or be gripped by the darkness themselves.

Leader - The leader is the cat that is in charge of their tribe and are the ones that call tribe meetings. They have nine lives and are expected to be completely loyal and a good role model for their tribe. They have their own den.

Deputy - The deputy of a tribe is the leader's helper, and the next cat to become leader if the current leader loses their last life. They are in charge of putting together patrols, and are also expected to be loyal and a good role model.

Healer - The healer is the cat in charge of healing the sick and wounded of their clan. They have stunning expertise when it comes to herbs and how to treat them. They are allowed to have a mate, but it is considered a dishonor to their tribe. They have a special den.

TribeCat - A TribeCat is a regular member of a tribe. They go on patrols, hunt for the clan, and mentor TribeCats in training. They are expected to be loyal to their clan. They may have a mate and kits if they choose. All TribeCats share their own den.

Trainee - A Trainee is a TribeCat in training. They are mentored by full TribeCats and are expected to be obedient to the older and wiser cats. Trainees are usually young and curious, eager to become a full TribeCat. The Trainees have a separate den from the Tribecats

Kit-Mothers (Queens) - Kit-Mothers are female TribeCats that are nursing or expecting Kittens. They stay in the nursery with their kits until they become Trainees.

Kittens (Kits) - Kittens are the youngest of a tribe. They aren't quite ready to be Trainees, and they stay in a nursery with their Kit-Mothers. They are very playful but defenseless.

Ancients (Elders) - The Ancients are retired TribeCats, Healers, Leaders, or Deputies. They are very old and wise. Although, if a cat is injured to the extent of not being able to hunt or fight, they will become an Ancient or the Healer's trainee.

Aggressive WildCats (Rogues) - Aggressive WildCats are perfectly described by their name. They do not usually like tribe cats and steal prey from them. They are very aggressive at times and do not live in tribes, but can live in groups.

Passive WildCats (Loners) - Passive WildCats aren't usually aggressive and live in one area. They don't mind the tribes and usually leave them alone, but they may talk to passing patrols every now and then.

Domestic Cats - Domestic Cats are cats that belong to and live with humans. Most tribe cats dislike the soft life of these cats and choose to ignore their ways.

Character Sheet:








Picture: (if you can)

Leader: Robin- brown she-cat with red chest, underbelly, and ear-tips

Deputy: Sage- black she-cat with green eyes

Healer: Rose- rosy she-cat with blue eyes

Trainee: Hawk

TribeCats: Flame Storm- orange-brown tom with light brown eyes

Trainee: Marigold

Ember- orange-and-white tom with green eyes

Golden- gold-and-white she-cat with amber eyes

Crimson- white she-cat with red colored paws, ear-tips, and tail-tip with green eyes

Spark- golden tabby tom with bright blue eyes

Swirl- gray-and-white tabby she-cat with one blue and one green eye

Trainees: Hawk- brown tom with black tail-tip and amber eyes

Marigold- marigold-colored she-cat with green eyes

Thunder- an orange cat with pale yellow lightning bolt markings and brown eyes




Leader: Echo- gray she-cat with black stripes and gray-blue eyes

Deputy: Ace- black-and-white tom with yellow eyes

Healer: Sunshine- light orange she-cat with white underbelly, paws, and tail-trip, with wise blue eyes

TribeCats: Dove- long haired pretty silver she-cat with soft thick fur and glittering, clear sky blue eyes

Ice- white she-cat with gray front paws, tail-tip, underbelly, and icy blue eyes

Bracken- large, handsome long-furred tom with light brown and white tabby fur and pale green eyes

Fire- light orange tom with darker orange flame marks on him with clear yellow eyes

Bramble- brown tabby tom with amber eyes

Raven- dark blue tabby with silver eyes

Silver- a muscular silver tom with blue eyes

Trainees: Cinder- gray she-cat with darker gray underbelly, chest, tail-tip, stripes on tail, front paws, and inside of her ears, with pale blue eyes

Rip Claw- brown tom with lighter brown underbelly, legs, with darker brown under his paws, legs, and fur tuft, with blue eyes

Chandra- white-and-brown she-cat with one dark blue eye and one pale blue eye



Kits: Honey- orange she-cat with bright forest green eyes

Leader: Shiizen-

Deputy: Adder Fang- brown tom with white underbelly, tail-tip, paws, and muzzle with golden eyes

Healer: Ebony- black-and-white she-cat with one blue eye and one green eye

TribeCats: Sky- brown tom with blue eyes

Silkworm- gray-and-pink she-cat with green eyes

Tsuri- brown she-cat with amber eyes

Rust- orange-and-white tabby she-cat with green eyes

Trainees: Ivy- gray-and-white she-cat with green eyes




Shadow Cats:
Leader: Nightmare- black tom with golden yellow eyes

Deputy: Greed- black tom with red eyes

TribeCats: Raxter- black tom with one green eye and one blue eye

Claw- black-and-gray tom with green eyes

Trainees: Kori- white-and-orange she-cat with pale blue eyes



Cats Outside the Tribes:
Dusk- black tom with golden eyes

Hitch- stripped tom

Kira- reddish she-cat

Lindu- spotted white she-cat

Bark- calico

Snow- fluffy white she-cat

Jag- brown tom with lighter stripes, underbelly, and blue eyes

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