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Cards of the Heart

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1Cards of the Heart Empty Cards of the Heart on Sun Dec 04, 2016 8:41 am


Welcome to Cards of the Heart! Why do I call it well simple: Heart Cards. Cards that exist inside of you. And they allow you to turn into the monster that's on said card. Each monster has four moves, like Pokémon, They can even evolve into stronger forms, sort of like Digi-evolving in a way? But they can only do it one time per battle. And you have a certain number of hits. And once you run out of hit points, you lose and return to normal. You can also use magic cards and things like that to help aid you in battle. Maybe traps too? We'll see.

Everyone is born with Heart Cards. Mostly. You can get infused with one or more if you're one of the unlucky ones to never be born with one before. But they have to be unlocked first. However, you can get your Heart Card or Cards stole from you. When they're stolen, your age speeds up, making you an old person. Or you die. I'm unsure which us. I was thinking that if I did the latter, you could be brought back by someone else with a new Heart Card or something. Depending of course. I was also thinking that if you get your Heart Card stolen, you go into a coma, unable to wake up until you get it back or a new one. Since you'd be losing your soul too. But we'll see. Also, 'evil' Heart Cards can take someone over and possess them. How you get new Heart Cards depends on if you steal someone else's, or the time calls for it. You feelings will channel and become strong enough and will give you a new card.

There's group of villains for it that are trying to make their own Heart Cards for their own reasons. The reasons? They will be explained as the RP goes on. There is another group of villains that's going around stealing people's Heart Cards. They, along with many others, also want to get their hands on these 'special' Heart Cards called Digit Cards. On the Digit Cards are numbers going from 1 to 100. They're evil cards and can easily take a person over.

Now, I ask of you, are you one of the evil groups going around causing problems or are you a hero that's learning how to use your card(s) and wishing to stop the threats? Let's find out.

Not only that, but there are also different gems with spirits inside of them. I call 'em Osirus Stones. And each of the seven colored stones has an animal spirit inside of them. They are as listed below.

There is the Ruby stone, that is where Kearn is.

There is the Gilded Stone, where the dark Badger, Rectos, lurks. Abandoned and disgarded by his Pharaoh before being locked up, the badger harbors hatred and longs to extract some revenge, making whoever is his host desire the same from his or her enemies.

There is the Turquoise stone, that a crane, Gigirana lives. She was beautiful, but very jealous of her brother, who her pharaoh loved more. The host who possesses her gives into his or her jealousy, and she grants them green skin and the courage to get what they want.

The Black stone of Pyros, the last remaining true dragonsnake creature, is sought by many, for that Osiris beast stone grants the host the ability to command the elements.

The white stone of Beatrice the White Lion is said to grant the host courage, strength, and the ability to create light swords.

The Topaz yellow stone of Cheza the cat holds a very vane, spoiled Egyptian feline who is said to bring good luck and happiness.

And the last, the Purple Stone of Sajor, grants the user the swift feet of the horse, and a wisdom that the wild things have.





Gem: (If they have one)

Spirit: (Which Spirit do they have?)

Partner: (For spirit characters)


Heart Cards:




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2Cards of the Heart Empty Re: Cards of the Heart on Sun Dec 04, 2016 1:32 pm


Name: Kitt Sune

Nickname: Teles

Age: 10

Gender: Male

Species: Kitsu

Gem: Ruby

Spirit: Kearn

Appearance: Cards of the Heart Teles_and_kitsune_jpg_by_electricalrodent-daqn86x One on the left.

Heart Cards: Cards of the Heart Foxmon_and_wolfmon_by_electricalrodent-daqmp3p The ones on the top are the normal forms. The ones on the bottom are the stronger forms. The fox set though.

Cards of the Heart Digimon_adoptable_auction__1__closed__by_seiryuude_by_electricalrodent-daqn8a5

 I'm unsure to use the tiger or wolf. I might just go with both? I dunno yet.

Cards of the Heart Sorcegatomon_by_electricalrodent-daqmpgf I know this is a Digimon, but holy shit, I love it so much, okay? It's a combination of Gatomon and Wizardmon and I wanted to use it for something. She's not a Digimon though. Not for this RP.

Cards of the Heart Adoptables__sold_by_golzyblazey_d8xoc8b_by_electricalrodent-daqmqmg The blue one. Two tails though. Both have the ring on it.

Personality: Teles is a kind and caring young fox kit. He likes to help others even though they might be bad. He's also very shy and timid due to bulling in his past. He's scared easily by new people, and it takes awhile for him to trust anyone new. He also has a fear of water due to almost drowning when he was younger. The little vulpine has a had time trusting new people due to being bullied and picked on a lot by others, but once he trusts you, he'll open up more and more. He also scares easy and has a fear of loud noises such as thunder or fireworks. He has a fear of Kearn leaving him and he doesn't want that to happen. He looks up to the older fox after all. He gets scared pretty easily and he doesn't like spooky or horror-themed things. He also has a fear of blood.

History: He grew up with a normal life. His parents, sadly, he never knew them. He spent most of his life living with his uncle Yondo. He didn't know if they were still alive or not, nor did the older fox, having not heard from them in years. Teles was used to it though, not minding it. He went to school like everyone else and did okay. He didn't have any friends, aside from one childhood friend named Rosey. He got a crush on the she-cat, though he never told her, unsure if she'd return them or not. He didn't want to deal with the heartbreak of rejection.

However though, one day, everything changed. After school was out, he returned to his uncle's house and found something waiting for him there. There was the ruby stone, though he didn't know what it was at the time, given how it was shattered into pieces. Yondo gave him the gem, unsure of what else to do with the object. From there, the little fox began working on the crystal, putting it back together little by little.

Once he completed the jewel, it freed the spirit that was trapped inside it. Another kitsu like him. He even looked like him, save for the older fox had darker orange fur, four tails instead of two, and red eyes. The older vulpine decided to help him out in Heart Duels and things of the like.

Other: He has a crush on a cat named Rosey. But, because I'm a nerd who loves to ship, I'll glad ship him with anyone. So long as someone wants to. He'll speak in orange. 

(I'll add more heart cards later most likely. Also, for the pictures I have with more than one creature on them, you're more than welcome to take the ones I didn't use to help you out with creatures. ^^. Or I can give you some others if you want? I'm also going to put Kearn and Yondo in another post since this one is sort of long already.)

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3Cards of the Heart Empty Re: Cards of the Heart on Sun Dec 04, 2016 2:09 pm


Name: Kearn

Age: 12.

Gender: Male

Species: Kitsu

Gem: Ruby

Partner: Teles

Powers: Illusions- Kearn can create illusions. They are as real as real can be. It's very hard to tell it's fake. And mixed with his dark magic, he can actually make the illusion he's creating real.

Dark magic- He can cause blights, drain life, summon creatures of darkness, slip into shadows to vanish, and drain the light from areas. As well as other dark arts.

Kitsune-bi- By rubbing his tails together, the four-tailed fox can make lightning or fire. The kitsu can also, to a small range, breathe out fire. He can also make small 'fox lanterns', by producing small balls of fire to float around him, and guide the way. This fire can be used as a weapon, or as a toy.

Shapeshifting- He can transform into anything found in nature. This means he can turn into trees, forests, rocks, water, or other people. The limits are that the transformation does not give him the innate abilities of the form he has taken, and he is vulnerable to what can harm that form. Because he is possessing Teles/sharing a body with him, he can not use this form of transformation, unless doing it through illusions.

Weakness: Kearn is notorious for seeing a weakness in someone, and aggravating the weakness, until others see it. To those who are 'immoral', he tends to 'help', making the person more immoral, or guiding the person down the path of self-destruction. To the ones he considers 'moral', he becomes friendly, and helpful, though he may still play a trick, or show a small flaw in the person, to teach them humility.

He has to keep his promises, and especially follow his word of honor. He becomes self-destructive if he breaks a promise, and when someone else breaks a promise, they become deadly enemies.

The four-tailed fox is also a victim of his own feelings. His emotions can cause him harm, or distract him. The Sin of Regret can even kill him outright. If it's bad enough regret.

Kearn does not accept aid from those who are not willing. Those who wish to aid him, must do so of their own free will. He is very loath to ask for help, and as such, most aid must come from another's initiative.

He is motional and very vengeful. The vulpine will lose his temper at the slightest provocation. Once someone has earned his enmity, the kitsu will begin enacting revenge that can become quite extreme. On the other hand, those who have earned his trust and loyalty will see a friendship that can last through many trials.

Freedom is very important to the kitsu clan. They do not accept being forced into something they do not wish, and do not like being bound or trapped. Doing so weakens the kitsu, and is frowned upon by other kitsu.

The gem- The ruby colored stone is very important to both Kearn and Teles. If someone were to take it, the two foxes can't speak or interact with each other. If someone were to shatter the crystal, then the older fox would be gone, trapped forever in darkness until someone puts it back together again.

Appearance: Cards of the Heart Teles_and_kitsune_jpg_by_electricalrodent-daqn86x Only with red eyes instead of black. Messed up a bit on the picture whoops.

Heart Cards: Same as Teles.

Personality: To start off, Kearn is a pretty mean fox. He's cruel, cold, and uncaring to those around him. Aside from his host and people the younger vulpine cares for. He's a cocky four-tailed spirit and pretty prideful. He enjoys the suffering of others and puts them through a Dark Game for that reason--and because they harmed his host. No one touches the small fox or his friends. He's highly protective of his young charge and those Teles cares deeply for. He's quick to upset and anger too. He can be aggressive and take upon his instincts when danger happens. This normally ends in the death of people who crosses his bad side. He doesn't know any better, seeing as it was how they did back in the olden days when he was alive. He has a more softer side though, that he shows once his young friend finally gets through to him and teaches him the error of his dark games and ways. He has a fear of Teles leaving him, like the owner he had before the younger kitsu found the shattered gem and put it back together again. He knows that his little friend would never do that, but the small bit of unsureness is there all the same. He doesn't trust humans at all--seeing as how a human stole him away and trapped him inside the ruby gem to begin with.

History: Sadly, he doesn't remember his past. Most of it anyway. What he does remember is this: He knew something horrible had happened while he was alive. Something terrible. He could remember being trapped inside some magic crystal, and then shattered into pieces. 

Many years later, the four-tailed fox found himself awaking up in a new era of the world. Times had changed since he was last 'alive'. He belonged to someone who he didn't like at all, nor did the other like him. Things didn't go well and his gem was shattered once more, him being lost to the darkness again.

Not long after that, he was freed again. This time by another kitsu that looked a lot like himself. Only he had lighter orange fur, black eyes instead of red, shorter, and two tails instead of four. He once again began his dark games again, vowing to protect the young fox that saved him and any that the little one cared about. He felt a need to do it, a kinship with the other, not just because the two were foxes. It was the least he could do for helping him.

Other Info: He'll speak in red.

Name: Yondo

Age: 70

Gender: Male

Species: Kitsu

Appearance: A reddish-orange fox with one tail. He dresses in a green robe and has green eyes. He has a bread growing just under his chin. He carries a staff with him.

Heart Cards: Cards of the Heart Fanchara_digimon__toramon_by_kingdrakaidou-d77y30n

Cards of the Heart Tumblr_inline_o3d9ivCO5R1qgo224_500

Cards of the Heart Tumblr_inline_nztiovwnet1qgo224_500

Personality: The elderly vulpine is very caring. He cares deeply about his nephew and wants the best for him. He doesn't like to see others hurt and is good-hearted and spirited. He can be a bit overprotective sometimes over Teles, but it's only because he wants to make sure the little fox is safe and sound. He's not one to normally yell or shout without good reason. He enjoys travelling around the world and seeing different and new places, even with his old age catching up to him.

History: Yondo was the first born in his family. Not long after that, he was given a younger brother. The two grew up together, though it was the oldest that showed signs of magic and interest in it. Not to say that his sibling didn't, but he preferred fighting rather than using spells.

School was a bit of trouble though. Magic and things just didn't work out very well. But even so, he did is best and finished in the end. Even if he was bullied and teased over the years. He didn't like it get to him. They were just words after all. It couldn't hurt him. Once it was all said and done, he and his brother ended up going and doing different things. The younger fox going and finally joining the army, while he kept to himself for a little while, working more on his magic.

Not long after that, Yondo began to travel the world with one of his friends. They went to many different places and found out things they never knew before. The two enjoyed it. It was fun after all. Yet, it was cut short, despite many years under their belts already. He got news that his nephew would be coming and living with him. The reason was unknown to him, but he accepted the baby fox kit once he was given to him.

The elderly fox took care of Teles and raised him like a normal parent would. He'd still go and leave when he was needed, but he made sure his nephew had someone there to keep an eye on him until he was old enough to be by himself. He hardly ever leaves now a days though, being much too old. Still, he went whenever he could or felt up to it. It was almost like a job that wasn't one to him. He wasn't about to just go and give up due to old age. He'd even tell the younger fox about all that he went and seen in his younger years, knowing his nephew enjoyed hearing the stories. It made him happy, which in turn made the elder happy as well. He opened a magic shop in the hopes of making money. After all, he had a child to feed now instead of just himself. He needed it. When the ruby colored gem showed, he allowed his nephew to keep it, seeing as how the little fox took such a great interest in it. He had no idea of the wild adventures he had just kick started by allowing the younger kitsu to keep the shattered gem.

Other: Yondo knows magic. He hardly uses it now though unless he needs to. He doesn't really Heart Duel anymore. He's too old for that. He'll speak in dark red.

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{{this is a cool idea! I don't know if appearance/heart cards are supposed to be pictures so i'll just leave a WIP sheet here}}

Name: Miyo Fuuji

Age: 11

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Gem: Topaz

Spirit: Cheza

Partner: N/A

Appearance: Miyo keeps her black hair tied up in pigtails with orange bows. She also wears contact lenses in her orange eyes, and her normal attire consists of a black-and-white dress.

Heart Cards: Her first heart card is that of a black cat with orange eyes and flattened ears. This cat's tail has white rings on it.

The stronger variety of this card looks almost the same, except with longer fur, orange paws, more rings, and a white splotch on the face.

Personality: Miyo is a very quiet and reserved girl who keeps to herself all the time. She rarely goes out of her house, except when she is forced to, whether it is by her mother or by her sister. She is always too shy to go out. Though, she can get mad sometimes.

History: Miyo's mum was a firefighter who was always being forced to move her girls around by the government. This is because her father was a serial killer who was always out to kill his family for... let's not say. Anyway, something strange happened one day when she was 8. She was playing with her sister Hina when... suddenly... the two girls mysteriously turned into cats! But later, they were no longer cats. That was actually their Heart Cards activating for some reason. Miyo and Hina are now fighting for justice and they plan on saving the world.

Other: Her speech is in Bold Red.

Name: Hina Fuuji

Age: 11

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Appearance: Hina keeps her white hair tied up into pigtails with blue bows. She has contact lenses in her blue eyes, and her normal attire consists of a white and black dress.

Heart Cards: Her first heart card is that of a white cat with blue eyes and flattened ears. It's tail has black stripes on it.

The stronger version of this card is essentially the same, but with longer fur, more rings, and a black splotch on the face.

Personality: Same as Miyo.

History: Same as Miyo.

Other: Her speech is in Bold Green.

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5Cards of the Heart Empty Re: Cards of the Heart on Tue Dec 20, 2016 10:54 am


(You can use pictures or go into detail about the appearance and Heart Cards. I just have pictures of my characters and Heart Cards. But I'm glad you like the idea!)

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6Cards of the Heart Empty Re: Cards of the Heart on Thu Dec 29, 2016 10:55 am


{{...ok, both profiles are finished. let me know if i need to change anything.}}

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7Cards of the Heart Empty Re: Cards of the Heart on Thu Dec 29, 2016 4:59 pm


(They're fine Mya. ^^. No worries.)

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8Cards of the Heart Empty Re: Cards of the Heart on Thu Dec 29, 2016 6:28 pm


{{oh. ok then. <3}}

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9Cards of the Heart Empty Re: Cards of the Heart on Sat Dec 31, 2016 9:35 am


(Hey, no problem friendo! Say hello to my little fishy character, Raz.)

Name: Raz

Age: 13

Gender: Male

Species: Sharc

Appearance: Cards of the Heart Shark_oc_by_electricalrodent-datesza

Heart Cards: Cards of the Heart Sharkmon_by_electricalrodent-datf6jh

Cards of the Heart Shark_based_digimon_by_marvelous_miscreant-d5bkfds

Cards of the Heart Mantaraymon_x

Shark Heart Card:
Cards of the Heart Sharkmon_by_puschelhuhn-d518y42
The picture is kinda large.

Personality: Raz has a bit of a temper problem. He gets upset or pissed off rather easily. He's the loner type of kid that mostly sticks to being by himself. He's your normal everyday bully that picks on those that are younger or weaker then he is. He doesn't have friends and he prefers it that way. He'll snap at anyone that so much as tries to become pals with him, telling them that he needs no one. Despite this, he does have a more softer side to him, but he doesn't let it show. He likes to keep the tough guy act he has going on. And if anyone were to see him being nice to people, it would ruin everything that he has worked very had to get over the years. But if you can manage to get around his barriers and see that side of him, then you might get a friend out of him.

History: The sharc lived in Spiritpeak City his whole life. He grew up there with his family. From there, he went to a school to learn all about Heart Cards and how to deal with his once it finally appeared. When it did, Raz wanted to prove that his was the most powerful of them all in the school at the time. He took on everyone that he set his purple eyes on, beating them all. He became the bully of Spiritpeak Academy, earning both respect and fear from his fellow students. He was top dog, No one could stop him. That was until he ran into Teles. He battled the little two-tailed fox and was possessed by one of the Digit Cards. The little vulpine, with the help of his spirit friend, dueled the older boy and saved him from the possession he was under by winning the battle. After that, the kitsu tried to get him to hang out with him and his gang of misfits, to which he only scowled at and left them alone. He didn't want anything to do with them after all. Despite this, he found it odd that the fox was trying his hardest to become his friend and the sharc couldn't help but come around a bit more often or show up when he or one of his friends were in trouble. Though he had no idea why. Maybe he was trying to prove a point that they couldn't be friends? Or he just wanted to watch them fail? But then, why did he offer to help them out? Raz just didn't get it. Maybe he was warming up to the misfit gang after all?

Other: He'll speak in light blue.

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10Cards of the Heart Empty Re: Cards of the Heart on Sat Dec 31, 2016 11:35 am


(And here's Fievel. A new sheet due to it being hella long. XD.)

Name: Fievel

Age: 11

Gender: Male

Species: Mimisy 

Appearance: Cards of the Heart Fievel_the_rabbit_by_electricalrodent-darciqc

He dresses in this outfit: Cards of the Heart Fievel_by_electricalrodent-dar955r He still has the belt like in the picture above. It's where he keeps his Heart and Digit Cards.

Heart Cards: Cards of the Heart Rabbit_digimon_oc_by_electricalrodent-dat0ui7

Cards of the Heart Custom_digimon_themed_dragon__hackmon_by_eternity9_by_electricalrodent-datohlh

Those are the ones he uses the most. He has others though.

Personality: Fievel is a rather mean little rabbit. He doesn't care about anyone but himself and his little sister, Dezzi. He's very protective over the other bunny and won't let anyone harm her if he can help it. He can come off cold and heartless to overs, often acting stuck up. He's very serious when on his mission of getting both Heart Cards and Digit Cards. He'll stop at nothing to get his hands on them and make sure his little sibling is okay. So long as he got the cards, she'll be safe. He looks down on others that he thinks aren't worth his time, unless the cards he needs are involved somehow. Then he'll show interest. He has a hard time trusting others and will work alone as a 'lone wolf' type of guy. He doesn't like to accept help from others and will try to push them away, telling them that he can do it just fine without them. If they continue to try and aid him, he'll scowl at them telling them to do whatever they want, just not to get in his way. Or there will be trouble to pay. Over time, he does start to loosen up some however and opens up more and becomes more trusting. But that takes time of course. Lots of time.

History: The young rabbit lived with his little sister and parents. Everything seemed peaceful enough for the family. He grew up listening to stories of how his father and mother used to be well known Heart Duelists. He wanted to be like that too. It was his dream. But that all changed one day. Before long, the rabbit's life was turned upside down. Both he and Dezzi were taken from their parents by some weird people dressed in suits. While he was frightened and scared, he promised his younger sister that he wasn't going to let anything happen to her. Not while there was still breath inside his body. That was easier said then done however. His sister was taken from him and he was told that the only way to get her back was if he got something called Digit Cards on top of the normal rare Heart Cards that some had. Because he was so young at the time, he had to be trained to be able to withstand the evil cards' power so they wouldn't possess him like they had so many others. It was long and painful, but soon enough, the young bunny was ready for his mission. And he was going to stop at nothing to complete it and save his sister. And if anyone dared to stand in his way, he would crush them with no mercy at all.

While he was out getting Heart and Digit Cards, he ran into a little dark orange two-tailed fox kit. At first, he thought nothing of the vulpine and passed him by without much thought. That was until he found at the younger male had Heart Cards and a Digit Card with him. He showed interesting then and challenged him to a battle. It looked like it was in the rabbit's favor until near the end. If it hadn't been for Fievel needing to leave, he would have won the fight and taken the fox's cards plus his soul. After that, he kept a close eye on the vulpine, waiting for the time to strike again and take what belonged to him. Over time, he began to learn that something about this younger boy was different than everyone else he had came across up until that point. As time went on, he found himself teaming up with the other, even if he didn't like it. It was for his sister. That was all. It was what he kept telling himself over and over again. But he couldn't help but feel a bit of respect for the other boy and all that he had done.

Other: The scar he got below his eye was from a battle with another Heart User. He'll speak in brown.

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