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 Ninja Warriors

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PostSubject: Ninja Warriors   Mon Dec 05, 2016 8:14 am

An old dojo has opened up. In it, there is a wise old owl. He has offered young people to come and train to be Ninja Warriors due to evil raising up and getting stronger and stronger every day that goes by.

Do you think you have what it takes to be one of these legendary warriors? Or are you a villain, causing trouble across the land and trying to destroy the fighters to be? Let's find out.






Powers: (If your character has them. Just don't overpower your character.)

Weapon: (If they have one)



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PostSubject: Re: Ninja Warriors   Wed Dec 07, 2016 12:56 am

Name: Flaik

Age: 4 moons (months)

Gender: She-cat

Species: Cat

Appearance: A white cat with purple eyes. She wears a headband on her head that's the color blue with a yin, yang symbol on it, as it reminds her of herself and her brother.

Powers: Foo Field- She creates a force field around herself for protection. It can be destroyed by higher level magic or if someone hits it hard enough.

Transformation- She can turn objects into different thing for a limit time.

Floating- She can hover in the air as well as carry someone else with her magic. Sort of like psychic in a way.

Fire magic- She can shoot fire out, burn others if she wishes.

Healing- She can heal wounds. Small ones at the moment.

Weapon: She doesn't have one.

Personality: Flaik is a soft spoken young kitten, unlike her half brother. She doesn't take much and when she does, it's normally just above a whisper. She's more timid and shy than her older sibling, normally tagging along after him when he goes to do something foolish without thinking it through. She's very sensitive and her feelings are easy to be hurt. She's not one to be angered, but if someone messes with her brother, master, or friends, she will do whatever she can to protect them. She doesn't like loud sounds as they frighten her.

History: Flaik lived with her family for awhile. Everything was great. She and Malos lived like normal kittens their age and had fun together. The black cat would stick by her side at all times to make sure that nothing bad happened to her. She was picked on a bit for being so frightened, and her half brother would step in and stop them. She heard news about an old dojo opening up and wished to join. Her mother and father were hesitant about the idea of it, but allowed the two kits to join. Malos tagged along to keep an eye on her and make sure she was going to be okay. As well to get stronger so he could up that came. Plus, he heard about evil that was threatening the world and he wanted to stop it. Of course, she wanted to as well, though she was unsure of how a weak cat like her could do something like save the world. She figured if she was trained then maybe she could do it with her brother's help.

Other: She'll speak in white.

Name: Malos

Age: 6 moons (months)

Gender: Male

Species: Cat

Appearance: A black cat with bright orange eyes. Instead of a headband, he wears a bandanna on his head. It's colored red and also has a yin, yang symbol on it. Mostly for his sister, who wanted him to wear something similar.

Powers: Foonado- Like a tornado in a way. He spins around like one to ether suck things in, out, or to cause danage to someone.

Paws of Pain- His paws become huge and he uses this move to punch people.

Paws of Flame- His paws enlighten with fire. He can ether punch them like normal, or throw the fire fist at an enemy.

Weapon: Sword

Personality: Malos is anything but like his sister in terms of personality. Unlike Flaik, he is a bold and loud speaker. He's not scared to speak his mind and tell someone off for whatever reason. He's hasty and quick to jump head first into battle believing in the 'hit first and ask questions later' outlook. That most of the time gets him into trouble that his sister or teacher need to get him out of. He's highly protective of his little sister and will do anything he can to make sure she's safe.

History: Go look at Flaik's.

Other: He'll speak in Bold.

Name: Clipse

Age: 5 moons

Gender: Male

Species: Cat

Appearance: A smokey black cat with cruel icy blue eyes. He wears a both a headband and a bandanna. The bandanna is wrapped around his right arm.

Powers: He takes after Flaik with powers.

Weapon: Knife

Personality: Clipse is a very mean cat. He's cruel and just not someone you'd like to meet anytime in person. He has Malos' aggressiveness, but turned up more. He still has the same 'hit first and ask questions later' thing about him though. He has a cocky persona to him as well as bullheadedness. Like the other half of his counterpart, that gets him into trouble a lot. He does have a softer side though that he got from Flaik. It's rare for him to show it however. He takes enjoyment out of seeing others suffer.

History: He doesn't really have a history per-say.... He was created by halves of the two young kittens when they got into things they shouldn't of. After that, he was 'alive' so to speak. He caused trouble for the two kittens more than once. He enjoyed it. It was fun. He soon joined up with the main villain of the story when he was offered.

Other: He has a crush on Flaik, much to Malos' disliking and her sister's horror and disgust. He'll speak in gray.
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Ninja Warriors
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