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Distrust (Murder Mystery RP)

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1Distrust (Murder Mystery RP) Empty Distrust (Murder Mystery RP) on Sat Dec 31, 2016 9:45 am


There are kids trapped in an orphanage by an evil black-and-white cat creature. Once you're inside the place, there's no escape, unless you 'escape' by dying or by winning the killing game that the twisted cat monster has planned. Even if you can somehow escape from the building, a large cage surrounds the outside, keeping anyone from getting in or out until the game is won.
 If it'll ever be won. If the kids don't wish to kill each other, the cat has motives to get them to kill each other. Once someone dies, then there's time for everyone to go and investigate to try and see how the person died, then after that, there'll be a trial to figure out who done it.
 If the correct person is picked, then they're going to executed by our little evil feline. If everyone guesses wrong, then only the killer lives and everyone else is executed. 
 There's also the factors of trusting and distrusting people. As that will play a key role in this. All depending on who you trust or distrust will help you or not along the way. The cat wants people to distrust each other, to doubt each other, for them to fall into misery and despair.
 And he'll do whatever he can to make those things happen. But mostly murder. He rather enjoys that. Maybe a bit too much....
 And, there's the factor of lying and telling the truth. Those are also key elements in this story of mine. You have to pick who's lying or telling the truth during trials, though you can lie along with them or tell the truth too. Sometimes is for the better, sometimes is for the worse. It's all on you to figure out which is which.
If you want to kill someone, you'll have to sneak around some fox and cat dolls that wonder around after hours. If they find you, they'll get you, and you won't like the outcome of that. There are also journals with information on people. If you can get your hands on that, you'll be able to find easier ways of killing someone. But it won't be easy.
So do you have what it takes to make it through this game of life and death? Let's find out.

Name-: (What is the name of your character? First and last.)

Age-: (How old are they?)

Gender-: (Male or Female?)

Appearance-: (What do they look like? Be detailed with this please. A picture works too.)

Height-: (How tall are they?)

Weight-: (How much do the way?)

Weaknesses-: (What are their weaknesses? Their fears? Things like that.)

Strengths-: (What are their strengths? What are they good at?)

Speech and Mannerisms-: (How does your character talk and act? Do they have any habits, as in saying a word often or anything of the like?)

Social Interaction-: (How does your character react to people? Life of the party, hiding in a corner hoping no one notices them, alright in a small group? Do they get on with people easily or do they make any enemy out of everyone?)

Family and Friends-: (Who are the important people in your character's life?)

Treasured Item-: (Do they have something they take with them always and never leave behind?)

Hobbies and Interests-: (What does your character like to do in their spare time?)

Thoughts on Murder-: (What is your character's thoughts on murder? Is it the most unforgivable thing of all time or just something that happens on TV? How would your character react finding a real dead body?)

Personality-: (What is your character's personality? How to they act?)

History-: (What is your character's history? Nothing unbelievable or unrealistic like that. It doesn't have to be some sob story. Make it original.)

Ultimate Goal-: (What does your character aspire to achieve in life? What motivates them?)

Role in Investigation and Trial-: (What is your character's approach to investigating a murder? How are they going to react to trail? How would they approach change if they were the killer or a close bond with the victim?)

Possible Motives-: (Is there anything that could trigger something in your character, leading them into killing someone?)

Other-: (Anything else you want to add here that I didn't cover above? A crush maybe or anything?)

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2Distrust (Murder Mystery RP) Empty Re: Distrust (Murder Mystery RP) on Tue Mar 14, 2017 7:25 pm


{{i'm really interested in this! will probably make a character later though}}

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(Go for it friendo. ^^)

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"Ultimate Bullshit."
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