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1Secret Abyss Empty Secret Abyss on Sun Mar 19, 2017 5:20 am


Welcome to Deadwater! It's a quiet little town that's surrounded by woods for as long as the eye can see. You're either lived here your whole life, or are a newcomer to the small little town off most maps. Everything seems normal there. The people are nice and friendly as you'd expect... Until one day something happens. A dead body is found, people are going missing. It's your job to figure out what's causing all this to happen. Or if you wish, one of the killers. The choices are yours. And yours alone. Pick wisely now. Whichever you choice made lead to your untimely end....









List of Characters:
Rua, Domino, Akuma- Miles (Me)

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2Secret Abyss Empty Re: Secret Abyss on Tue Mar 21, 2017 10:09 pm


Name: Reaka Bandini

Nicknames: Rua, Kitten, Killer, Sweetie, Hon, Red Eyes

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Species: Cat

Appearance: Secret Abyss Mayee_by_electrical__rodent-db3su3t

Personality: Rua can seem rather cold to people. Or like she doesn't care at all. But that's far from the truth. She loves to hang out with her friends and get into trouble, like breaking stuff for pulling crimes with her friend Domino. She’s paranoid about things, though she tries to cover it up with a brave or cool attitude. She’s worried about her dreams getting too out of hand for her to have control over. She’s scared that something will happen because of them. Something bad. She’s into hunting for ghosts and things like that. And that normally leads her into getting into trouble. She’s pretty curious about things too that also gets her into dangerous things. She also has another trouble.... The purple cat has a mental illness known as dissociation. She often memory losses of things at times and sometimes blacks out, not recalling what just happened. Like when she nearly killed someone with her baseball bat. She tries to not let it bother her, but she can... snap at times. And when that happens, well it won't end well. She also has anxiety on top of her dissociation from reality and people around her. She's nervous about a lot of things and gets freaked out easier. More paranoid one could say.

History: The dark purple feline grew up in Deadwater her whole life. She grew up with her mother and father in the small town. Everything was normal there as far as small towns went. Everything was peaceful and good there.

Rua made friends there like any other person. She hung out with her little groups of friends as much as she could every day that she was able to. She had a lot of fun with them, doing some children would often do. Mostly. She liked to go and pull 'crimes' with Domino whenever the two could. This led to her having to leave school for awhile and get help. Sadly, she had to leave when some problems happened at school due to her 'anger problems'. She was able to return back home before too long, however.

Returning home, she found much had changed since she was last there. It appeared for the worst too. She met up with her friends and hung out with them like she did before. It was a bit harder to do since they all worked unlike her. Or just did different things unlike her. But that was fine with her. She still got to see them every day.

Then things happened. She started to have weird dreams. Nightmares she called them. Ghosts would appear and tell her stuff. She didn’t think much of it until they started to appear when she was awake, continuing to tell her things, trying to get her to do worse things than she normally did with her trusted friends.

If that wasn’t enough, she soon found out there was something odd going on about her little town. And she set off to find out what it was…

Oh boy did she. She and her friends found out about a demonic rat that was trapped underground with magic by someone from many years into the past. They learned that she came out every fifty years once she was powerful enough by taking the souls of those that were tossed into her prison by her followers.

At first, Rua was going to be the host the evil spirit was going to take full control over rather than just being able to do small things to the purple cat, but that quickly changed when one of her friends jumped in front of her, being possessed instead.

After that, she and her friends–long with anyone else that wants hurt or dead–went to stop the demonic-rat and save their world from her chaos and terror. But even that still didn’t save her from the rat’s torment. She continued to bother her with visions, blackouts, and whatever else she could to try and stop her from defeating her.

They did finally get rid of Akuma–for the time being anyway–but that still didn’t stop the torment the poor cat went under. For awhile, yes. But before long, she started getting headaches again. Visions started to appear, the blackouts happened again, and the chilling voice she hated returned… What could this mean? Rua didn’t know. And she didn’t want to find out. Too bad she was…

Other: She always carries her trusted bat with her for protection. She'll speak in Dark Slate Purple.

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3Secret Abyss Empty Re: Secret Abyss on Fri Oct 13, 2017 7:07 am


Name: Domenica Katrina

Nickname: Domino

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Species: Cat

Appearance: Secret Abyss Domino_by_electrical__rodent-db4ibgp

Personality: Domino is a rather... interesting cat to say the least. She always quick to make some sort of snippy remark. She likes to get under other person's skin just to get a reaction out of them. She has a sharp tongue and won't think twice about telling someone how she feels about them, which is most of the time hate and disgust. Unless she's close friends with the other person. She can seem rather cold and distant at times, but she won't hesitate to stab you with her knife if she feels the need to. She can also be pretty sassy at times too, so watch out for that. She enjoys playing video games and has a little bit of a hard time actually going out and meeting new people. Or just talking to anyone aside from her small group of friends, in general. She can be a bit untrusting to people she doesn't know, but given enough time, she could warm up to the other person or people.

History: Like Rua and her other friends, the black-and-white she-cat grew up in Deadwater. She lived there with her smaller family. With her mother and father only. Her father wasn't the greatest dad out there. He'd often abusive her and her mother. And there wasn't a whole lot she could do about it sadly, but to put up with it and pray she'd live to see tomorrow. Soon enough, someone called the cops and got her dad taken away, freeing her and her mother from him. But the scars he left behind still remained. She met Rua and her other friends when she was rather young. Ever since then, she and her purple feline friend had been best friends since then. Along with the others coming along later to join the two little she-cats. It wasn't until with the sudden outburst of her younger friend that made Domino back away a bit. She was still friends with her shorter friend, but she always wondered when she was going to snap again. When the purple cat left to go and get help for her 'problem', the older feline moved on a bit, grew up some, unlike her smaller feline pal. Regardless, when Rua came back home after her 'problem' was 'fixed', she tried to reconnect with her friend and live things liked they used to before everything went down the rabbit hole. When this happened, she found herself dragged into a much bigger problem and none of them were expecting to find.

Other: She always carries her weapon, which is a switchblade, on her at all times. She'll speak in white.

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4Secret Abyss Empty Re: Secret Abyss on Fri Oct 13, 2017 7:19 am


Name: Akuma

Age: Unknown

Gender: Female

Species: Demon Rat

Appearance: Secret Abyss Akuma_by_paunypaws-db6g9ql

Personality: She is an insane, bloodthirsty, cruel demonic creature. She's a complete lunatic that enjoys fighting, even killing. She trusts no one and views life as a game that she can't lose. She tends to play with her opponents in battle, slowly killing them while singing utter nonsense and generally acting like a child playing with a toy. She's almost always laughing about something and seems to enjoy the taste of blood. She doesn't like people that get in her way or traitors, at all and will gladly go and slaughter any she comes across. Aside from the ones she's working with. But if she sees no use for them any longer, then they'll be on the menu. Or anyone else for that matter. Not a demon you want to come across, that's for sure. She loves to cause chaos and suffering to others no matter who they are. She loves to see the mighty brought low and cower on the ground before her. It makes her feel like the god she is. She can't get enough of it. She loves to mess with people and torment them in any way that she can. She gets a kick out of it. She loves to break people and twist them around her finger to get what she wants from them. Or just to break them in general. Depends on her mood and the person. Regardless of that, she also thinks of herself as being all powerful and mighty, like a goddess. Which to her, she is very much one. She can’t stand goodness and pure things. She hates them with every fiber in her body. She wants to destroy it and create the world in her own image of darkness and chaos, once she gets her revenge on the world that trapped her below ground. She personally loves to toy around with people she finds interesting. She wants to break them, hence the reason why she messes around with Rua so much. Not just because she’s going to be her host, but because there’s something about the purple cat that she finds interesting.

History: Not much is known about Akuma's past. No one even knows where she is at the moment. But what is know however, is this: The demonic being used to live on the surface world along with others. Everything was good up there. Great even. But one day, something changed. Akuma snapped. Some say it was because she was bullied and picked on, outcasted for what she was and her background. She tried not to let it bother her for as long as she could, but that could only go on for so long. Then, hell broke lose. She began killing others around her without any mercy for anyone. She began to rain chaos over the world and doing unspeakable things to anyone she came across.

Others came to try and stop her bloodthirsty state, but they all meant with the same fate. They were killed. It wasn't until many years later that she was sealed underground. A more powerful being came out of nowhere and saved the world from the evil critter. He sealed her down in the center of the Earth, trapped there forever without a way to escape. Or so he thought.

She found a loophole in his 'perfect plan' to get rid of her. Once every fifty years, she was able to come out of her prison, only if she was strong enough of course. She began getting people around on the surface to help her grow stronger so she could come out. Once she was, she would go and possess a person so she could exist for a longer time in the above world, until she was forced out and back into her underground hell.

Now, she was waiting again. Waiting for the next chance that she could come out again and rain terror on the evil world once more. Rumor had it, that time was coming up once again.... The people would be right about that too. She was coming back once she was strong enough. She had people go and give her the souls of unrespecting people. Once she was able to, she came out of her hellhole that was hidden deep within the woods, almost towards the edge on the other side. Now all she needed was a host.

That was where Rua came in. The demonic rat had spent so much time with the purple cat using her powers to mess with the feline. She had decided she was going to be the perfect host for her to cause havoc on the world above. She was already seen as a troublemaker by everyone due to what she had already caused her to do.

However, it appeared at the young teen was not going to be the body she took control of. No, one of her idiotic friends jumped in a way, stopping her from being taken over. No matter. She still got a body in the end. She still rained chaos and suffering over the world on the surface.

She knew that her used-to-be choice for a vessel would come to stop her with her crack little gang of pals. Akuma continued to mess with the dark colored feline, getting amusement out of watching her struggle and suffer under her will with the control she had on her.

Even still, that wasn’t enough to stop Rua and her friends from defeating her. The rat was sent back into her prison underground in the center of the Earth like she had been millions of years ago. This angered the demon greatly. She wasn’t going to stand for this at all. She was going to find a way to return without waiting another fifty years like she was supposed to. And she was going to use her little kitty toy to do that.

Other: She'll speak in dark red.

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