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PostSubject: Timetwisted   Thu Aug 10, 2017 11:59 pm

This is set in my You're Different world. So no need for a character sheet here since all the characters are just carried over. Now onto the plot!

Doctor Caelia is at it again! This time, she plans to go back in time with the help of Doctor Crisis to create a time portal to allow them to travel to the past and future to gather magical items called Time Relics. Teles thought his world saving days were over but now, he Tulyp, and their friends must travel to different points in time to get the Relics before the doctors.

Will they be able to? Let's find out.
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Posts : 211
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Age : 22
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PostSubject: Re: Timetwisted   Fri Aug 11, 2017 6:24 am

Caelia collapsed to her knees, her eyes wide with horror and disbelief. The menacing orb that hovered before her was identical to the wandering spirit that plagued her dreams. During the doctor's restless nights, pondering on methods to fully dominate the world, she occasionally saw this phantom visage before her, offering subliminal messages and orders of execution. She had forced her rational mind to ignore these visions, but it was by this creature's influence that she was able to create the army of mutants that were currently taking over the world as they stood here speaking. Whoever this menacing apparition was, he had an acute understanding of how to chain the freewill of living creatures. He was real, and the female bowed before him in knowledge that she may be destroyed for her failure.

"Great Spell. I cannot apologize enough for my incompetence…"

"Indeed you cannot," the deep voice interrupted. "I believed the instructions I gave you were simple enough. I wanted the world enslaved, and I gave you the knowledge, the means, and the motivation to complete this task, and still you failed?"

The voice was rising in anger, and Caelia flinched.

"But Great One, the world is more than half way under our control-"

"Silence! As punishment for your uselessness, I shall banish you from this world by way of death. Thank the island spirits I have decided to be merciful."

Caelia did not believe the sentence of death to be merciful, but she did not voice this. Instead, she clasped her hands together and stared up into the creature's horrible crimson eyes. The female did not believe herself to be a groveling woman, but she thought the best way to gain advantage and preserve her life was by doing exactly that.

"Before I meet my end, Great One, please allow me to tell you who foiled the plans you so carefully laid?"

Three seconds of silence passed, and Spell was pondering something. Caelia waited, unsure if the spirit would care or not. Finally, the magical orb spoke.

"Very well. Who is the creature who has humiliated your capability?"

Caelia felt the tinge of fear disintegrate, and a fresh wave of hatred submerged her. The mad scientist clenched her fists.

"An infernal kitsu. It was a failed experiment, and he has been causing me trouble ever since."

Spell thundered a laugh. "Causing trouble, has he? Is that what you call detonating your island laboratory and blasting your space station into unrecognizable pieces? From my standpoint, Doctor, Teles Kitsu has done far more than simply cause a trifling trouble."

Caelia must have been gaping, because the orb's laugh grew louder and then he continued.

"Yes, Caelia, I know about the vulpine that destroyed the knowledge I gave to you. In fact, he is the protégé of my greatest enemy."

Spell seemed to be pondering something for a moment, but he was quick to come to a decision.

"I have considered the options of this new situation, and although you shall not be spared from your inevitable execution, I will give you a task to redeem yourself."

Caelia exhaled a breath she didn't realize she was holding, grateful at least that her life would be secure, for now. The doctor bowed her head.

"Thank you Great One. I am at your disposal."


The sea air was an intoxicating aroma. The gentle breezes gathered the scent to freshen the lush island with its raw freshness, silently assuring all inhabitants that they were situated on an island, with a lustrous ocean surrounding every side. Farther into the trees and underbrush of the jungle, a small hut stood against the hard weather the island itself endured, pleasantly shading its occupants from the shining rays of the sun. Tulyp, a young anthropoid fox-like creature, clicked with a concentrating expression on the computer resting on her knees. She furrowed her brow, and her slight snout flared in impatience.

"Come on," she growled under her breath as she tapped a key.

Suddenly, a red object dangled in front of her face, and as quickly as it descended, snapped back up into the hand of its user. The vixen snarled.

"Would you quit it?"

Teles Kitsu was wearing a crooked grin as he continued to play with the yo-yo in his grip. He spun it around in what Tulyp grudgingly thought to be a pretty good move.

"Now why would I want to do that, when the result is so satisfying?"

The light yellow fox's ears folded against her head as she narrowed her eyes.

"I'm serious little brother, I'm not in the mood for your shenanigans right now."

Teles offered a look of mock regret. "Of course my dear sister, whatever you want."

Tulyp straightened her shoulders and prepared to type again, when the red toy again floated in front of her face. As it snapped up, the vixen stuck her tongue in her cheek angrily. When the yo-yo came down again, the female vulpine snatched it and hurled it across the clearing, ignoring her younger brother's surprised exclamation.

Yet just before the yo-yo hit the ground, it stopped suddenly, hovering a foot from the ground. Jinx floated toward them from around the corner, his golden eyes slanted in disapproval. Teles smirked happily and scratched behind one ear.

"Hey. Little loud again, huh?"

The blue orb approached, using his telekinetic talent to toss the toy back to the orange fox, who caught it adoringly.

"Children, I must urge you to offer an attempt to get along. Your bickering seems to be getting worse as time goes by."

Tulyp offered a dismissive grunt.

"I'm sure we could get along, if that jerk wasn't such an annoying pain."

The male fox shrugged, and began to yo-yo again. Jinx sighed in exhaustion.

"Please try. Put in a little effort." He fixed the younger male with a stare. "Both of you."

With a grin, Teles whirled the toy around into a sweeping arc before letting it snap back into his hand.

"I think what's happening here is a prime case of sibling rivalry." He turned toward his sister with sly eyes, and a wide smile. "She can't get over the obvious fact that her brother is a handsome devil, while she resembles a wild hog."

Jinx shook his head as Tulyp leapt to her feet and the two kitsu siblings tore over the clearing, Teles laughing the entire way.
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