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1. No Godmod. I can’t stress is enough. I hate it when people do this. It takes the fun out of the roleplay and I will not stand for it. You Godmod, you will be kicked out of the Roleplay and removed from the site if you continue to Godmod even after being warned. If you don’t know what Godmodding is, this is what it is: Godmodding is taking control of another player’s character during roleplay. It’s frowned upon and with good reason: you only control your character and no one else’s. Small things are okay, like grabbing of the hands and dragging my character(s) off somewhere or kissing/hugging them, but nothing big, please.

2. No power-play. Same with Godmodding. I hate this as well. You do this, you’ll be kicked out of the RP you're in. If this continues, then you'll be banned from the site. If you don’t know what it means, here you go: Powerplay the act of using knowledge and or information against someone else in order to gain advantage in an intense situation. Or the exertion of control of another player’s character.

3. Please be nice and kind. Don’t hate or bash. You do, you be block without a second thought. We’re here to RP and have fun y'know? No need to take that fun away from someone. Also, in regards to this, please don’t try to tell me how to run me or anyone else what we can and can’t do on it. This has happened in the past and I won’t stand for it. It’s my blog: I can do what I want here.

4. Don’t hound me or anyone else about replies. I, like many others, get busy and can't be online all the time or reply right away as soon as a new post is up. A reminder is okay, but don’t give me or anyone else one every five minutes.

5. You don’t need to match style, format, or length in terms of replies. So long as you give me and everyone else something to work with, then we’re good. I don’t judge everyone that doesn’t format their posts or make them look all fancy. We’re here to RP and have fun after all! Do whatever you feel the need to do on your RPs, okay? So long as you have fun and enjoy yourselves. Just don’t give me a one-liner if I wrote you a book or whatever. That’s not very fair.

6. I would be grateful if you used proper grammar and spelling in your replies. I understand if English isn’t your strong point when typing or speaking. I’ll help you out if you need it. Though I’m far from perfect myself. A few misspelling here or there is fine, but please don’t make it to where I can’t read it or understand what you’re trying to say.

7. Cussing is allowed. You can say fuck, shit, damn, hell, anything as much as you want. Just don't be saying these words to a user to be mean or disrespectful to them.

9. No sexual themes will be written publicly on this site. Skip over it. Fade to black. If you really want to write that stuff out, take it to PM or somewhere else like Skype/Discord/ect.

10. No text talking in a role-play. Or out of it. Use proper grammar please. Seriously, it doesn't take that long to write out the word "you" instead of "u". It makes it hard to read and a lot of people don't like that. Put effort into your posts.

11. If you would like to RP one on one, make sure you tell who you'd like to one on one with and make it for just the two of you. Put in the title (Myself and whoever only) or something so people know, okay?

12. Don't double post unless you're bumping your thread which has gone inactive for a certain amount of time. The only time you can double post is if you're submitting character sheets to your own RP.

13. Rule number 12 is only nullified if you are posting a story in the story writing area with a chapter a post.

14. No one-liners, since the RP doesn't go anywhere with them. 4-5 sentences at least. At most 7. Or more.

15. When speaking out of character, use OOC, ( ), ((  )), {  }, [  ], or - -.

16. Have fun!

The rules will be updated if any admin feels they need to be.

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