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 Hunster Project

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PostSubject: Hunster Project   Mon Aug 14, 2017 7:13 pm

Deep in the middle of a hidden forest there is a facility called School. To a passerby, nothing is odd about it. Behind the fence line with "Private Property- DO NOT TRESSPASS" signs posted all over it Teens live there against their will. They aren't normal teens though. Each of them have animal DNA in them. Their mothers had animal inserted into their unborn children, forcefully..or not. When they were born they were taken to School. They were called Hunsters. The teens have never left School. Scientists have tutored them (while studying their intelligence). 

They live in reasonable conditions, but they know nothing of the outside world. Every now and then they are summoned for physical tests by the head scientist. Even though their living is fine escape is from the whitecoats (scientists) is what they dream of. Lately summoning is more common and the test are more painful. The food is becoming worse tasting. Clearly reform is coming on School.

The head whitecoat is fed up treating the experiments like people. Its not what the mysterious Donno wants. He wants genetic killing machines for his conquest. Right now escape is the main focus of the Hunsters, but Donno has malicious plans and only the Hunsters can stop him.

Character Sheet:

Character List:
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Hunster Project
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