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 GhostTales: Until Midnight

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PostSubject: GhostTales: Until Midnight   Tue Aug 15, 2017 6:38 pm

Kussa is a young monster hunting cat. While out with her three friends, she's murdered. She awakes to find herself in limbo with a Reaper cat named Enigma. In order for her to come back to life, she has to work with him and take control of a few mortals to help fix their lives and put them back on track. The catch: She only has until midnight to help her host before she'll be forced to move on to the next. If she fails, her demon partner pays the price. All the while, other Reaper cats are hunting the two in order to put a stop to their plans. Will Kussa be able to help the mortals she's possessing? Will she be able to escape from the other Reapers that want her soul?

Let's find out shall we?
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GhostTales: Until Midnight
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