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 Mansion of the Lost

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PostSubject: Mansion of the Lost   Wed Oct 18, 2017 5:14 pm

A house sits a top a hill. A mansion once inspiring and beautiful. It now evokes fear and panic to those who see it. It hides something inside and under it. No one dares enter. Unfortunately, you are already inside. Are you alone? Of course not. No one would be afraid of a simple empty house. You are with others. Friends? Foes? Will they help or hinder? Will you assist them or attack? Every decision you make will affect whether you will exit this building or not. Aside from the people trapped within alongside you, there is something else that watches you. Something that guides you, something that bribes you, that attempts to affect every move you make. Can you trust it? It's for you to decide. You will face monsters, traps, puzzles and more as you attempt to make your way through the mansion. Now the most important question I will ask you is this: Can you survive? 

Also: YOUR CHARACTERS HAVE A CHANCE TO DIE! Though everyone has an equal chance of being killed or not.

Name: (What is the name of your character?)

Age: (How old are they?)

Gender: (Male or Female?)

Species: (What are they? Fox? Dog? Cat? Ect?)
Appearance: (What does your character look like?)
Personality: (What is your character's personality? How to they act?)

History: (What is your character's history? Nothing unbelievable or unrealistic like that. It doesn't have to be some sob story. Make it original.)
Other: (Anything else you want to add here that I didn't cover above? A crush maybe or color they'll speak in?)

List of Characters:

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Mansion of the Lost
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