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1Foxfighters Empty Foxfighters on Tue Oct 24, 2017 4:35 am


In the forest, there are four packs of foxes that each have their own territories to call their own. However, some foxes have no pack to call home and are rogues or loners trying to fend for themselves. There's danger from humans, who are called Noclaws. Other animals that would like to harm them such as badgers, birds of prey, dogs, bears, and so much more. Life out in the wild is no easy task.

Will you be able to survive? They live along side the four packs of wolves that also roam the forest. The foxes and wolves each have their own territory and coexist along side each other. Even going so far as to aid each other in battles and more if one pack is struggling.

Now I ask you, what Pack do you belong to?

Kit (A young fox younger than six moons)

Trainee (Foxes who have apprentices training to become Soldier)

Soldier (Foxes who are warriors in rank, defending and hunting for their pack.)

Queen (Vixens who have nursing or expecting kits)

Elder (Older foxes who have gotten too old to continue being a Soldier.)

Curer (A fox who takes care of the sick and injured.)

Deputy (Second in command and the next in line to take over the pack once the current leader dies or retires.)

Leader (The leader of the pack. The one in change that tries to do what is best for his or her pack. Leaders tend to have spirit at the end of their name to show that they've been blessed by SpiritPack.)

Extra Info:
The four packs are as followed:

DrizzlePack, RumblePack, ShadePack, QuickPack.

DrizzlePack lives close to the river that runs through the forest. The grass is normally wet whenever they leave their camp. They have to worry about flooding when it rains. These foxes are good swimmers, being able to swim better than the other three Packs.

RumblePack lives in the undergrowth part of the forest. They have trees and bushes to hide in and are the closest back to the Noclaws.

ShadePack lives in the more deeper, shadowy parts of the forest. They stay hidden and more like shadows to the other Packs.

QuickPack is in the moor part of the forest. They have wide open grasslands for miles with little to no trees or bushes for cover. They must be fast to catch the rabbits and other prey as they have no cover to hide in.

SpirtPack is the place where foxes believe they go after they die. Leaders of the packs normally have spirit at the end of their names to show that they've been blessed by SpiritPack and Vulpious.

Every full moon, similar to their wolf neighbors, the four fox Packs come together as a time of peace and to speak about things with one another. They have fun there and enjoy themselves while the truce is being held. They might even go and hunt together and all share meals. However, if this truce is broken, SpiritPack will cover the moon and the get together will be over.

Foxes who have owned by humans, as this can happen, are called Leashfoxes.

Foxes who have no pack are called loners or rouges.

Character Sheet:








Leader: Lavenderspirit- a light purple she-fox with a darker colored tail and ears with white muzzle, throat, chest, underbelly, legs, paws, inside of ears, and tail-tip with light blue eyes


Curer: Applefeather- a red she-fox with blue eyes

Trainee- Honeypup

Soldiers: Icepool- a white fox with black ear-tips, paws, and tail-tip with green eyes

Trainee- Snowpup

Firebelly- a white fox with orange ears, snot, paws, underbelly, and tail-tip with brown eyes

Trainee- Russetpup

Tigerstripe- a gold she-fox with tiger-stripes around her legs with green eyes

Trainee- Firepup

Trainees: Snowpup- a white she-fox with gray ears, paws, and tail-tip with blue eyes

Firepup- an orange she-fox with brown ear-trips, paws, and tail-tip with purple eyes

Honeypup- a gold she-fox with white muzzle, chest, stomach, inside of her ears, paws, and on her front back with green eyes

Russetpup- an orange-and-white fox with black paws, ears with amber eyes

Queens: Oceansheen- a light blue she-fox with darker blue ears and paws with a white muzzle, throat, chest, underbelly, and tail-tip with purple eyes

Daisyglow- a light yellow-and-white she-fox with red eyes

Elders: Wisegaze- a red-and-white fox with amber eyes

Kits: Diritkit- light brown fox with white chest, throat, underbelly, paws, and tail-tip with amber eyes

Leader: Blackspirit- a gray fox with a black stripe running down back, a black ring around white tail-tip, with muzzle, throat, chest, underlly, and toes on paws

Deputy: Icegaze- gray-and-black spotted fox with blue eyes



Trainees: Bushpaw- a green-and-white fox with black ear-tips and paws with light green eyes



Kits: Dustkit- a dusty colored fox with brown spots, white muzzle, chest, stomach, paws, and a stripe down his head with a black tail with a white tip and brown eyes

Leader: Goldenspirit- gray-and-orange fox with black tail-tip, and white muzzle, throat, stomach, paws, and legs


Curer: Echostorm- a gray-and-black-striped fox with gray eyes

Soldiers: Mudtip- an orange fox with a brown tail-tip and right hind paw with brown eyes

Trainees: Riverpaw- light blue-and-white she-fox with black ears, paws, and tail-tip with green eyes

Drippingpaw- a water colored fox with yellow eyes

Queens: Starfeather- a yellow-and-white she-fox with black ear-tips and paws with blue eyes


Kits: Salmonkit- a pink she-kit with tail tip, legs, paws, white ear-tips, underbelly with green eyes

Leader: Tigerspirit- a brown-and-black striped she-fox with green eyes



Soldiers: Crimsonsky- a white fox with red stripes on tail and above eyes with light blue eyes

Morningsong- light orange she-fox with darker orange stripes with light blue eyes




Kits: Zipkit- dark brown fox with patches of ligher brown with white muzzle, chest, stomach, legs, paws, and under tail

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2Foxfighters Empty Re: Foxfighters on Tue Oct 24, 2017 4:43 am


Name: Russetpup

Age: 6 moons

Gender: Male

Appearance: Foxfighters FOX-fox-40076151-500-330

Pack: RumblePack

Personality: Russetpup has always been fairly easy going and friendly to his pack members, but doesn’t much care for those outside of his own pack  or for those who were once outsiders but have been accepted into the pack. Despite his good nature he can have quite a temper when angered and will always be the first to dive head first into battle when it’s necessary, because he expresses such zeal for fighting he always looks forward to his battle training.

History: Russetpup was abandoned at the entrance of ShadePack’s camp by a young rogue she-fox when he was but a mere kit, barely old enough to even comprehend just exactly what was going on. At that moment a patrol had just returned to camp so he was discovered not long after he had been left there by his birth mother. Desperate to save his life, the older foxes had taken him to a queen that had lost most of her litter the minute they were born leaving her with only one surviving kit that she had birthed.

After they had given her Russetpup the mourning queen gladly accepted the orphan as one of her own and nursed him to the best of health as well as raised him with his adopted sibling. Because he was abandoned at such a young age he has no idea that he wasn’t originally pack-born.  

Rank: Trainee

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Name: Snowpup

Age: Six Moons

Gender: She-fox

Appearance: Foxfighters Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSC3MK_k7KxQa5DYt883-MqvFZT434a3assPLPm5JkTlnM_IBt3Tw The white one.

Pack: RumblePack

Personality: Snowpup is an adventurous young fox in training. She loves to go out and explore things on her own or with her friend Firepup (the orange fox in the picture.) She wishes to do the right thing, even going so far as to disobey the Soldier Code to do the right thing for both her Pack as well as the others. She'll help anyone in need, fox, wolf, or whatever that she thinks is in need of it. She wishes to prove herself that just because she isn't Packborn, she can do things just like any other fox can. She tries her hardest to impress overs and to stop the teasing and hate she gets.

History: Snowpup was found outside of RumblePack territory one day during the winter season. No one knows where she came from or if her mother was a loner, rogue, or leashfox. She was found by Applefeather when the healer fox was out looking for whatever herbs she could get her paws on in the chilly snow. She was taken back to RumblePack and placed inside the nursery. She was given to one of the queens to be taken care of. She grew up alongside the other kits who'd often tease her and jeer at her for not being Packborn. One of the few foxes that were nice, Firepup, would stick up for her and tell them to back off. Little did the young she-fox know, she had something much greater in store for her and fate of all the Packs against danger.

Other: Trainee. She'll speak in white.

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Name Applefeather

Age: 12 moons

Gender: Female

Appearance: Foxfighters Redfox2

Pack: RumblePack

Personality: Applefeather has a generally quiet and kind demeanor, she cares for just about any kind of creature whether it be other foxes, wolves, squirrels, etc. due to her being a curer she is forbidden to kill and quite frankly is glad for that, however if she feels threatened she will proceed to defend to herself to the best of her ability if one should attack. 

History: Applefeather has lived a normal pack life for the most part, but out of all her siblings she was the one who would always try to help and care for them whenever they would get slightly injured or sick. She hated seeing bad things happen to her family that she could not prevent, but she had always looked forward to the curer coming to help them get better and watching him/her work. 

One night, during her kit-hood she managed to sneak out of the nursery and into the Clinic where she rummaged through the herbs trying to remember what each of them were called from the few visits from the curer. Typically she was caught, but received no punishment and was sent back to the nursery; she still retained her interest in medicine and healing others. 

Rank: Curer

5Foxfighters Empty Re: Foxfighters on Tue Oct 24, 2017 5:23 am


Snowpup was prodded awake by Firepup. The white she-fox yawned as she looked up at her friend. "What's going on?"

"Training, duh!" the orange fox replied. "Today's our first day as trainees!"

Light blue eyes widened as the younger fox sprang to her paws. While Firepup was a whole moon older than her, she had insisted that she wait to become a trainee with Snowpup. Lavenderspirit had agreed in the end, seeing how close the two were. They were like sisters.

"I forgot!" the snow-colored vulpine yelped, rushing out of the trainees' den. She almost tripped over Honeypup in her hast to leave the den, and the curer trainee awoke with a start, as she watched wide-eyed as the younger she-fox disappear along with her friend. "I hope Icepool isn't going to be mad!"

As Firepup raced after the snow-white she-fox, she cast a look over her shoulder at the gold colored she-fox. She mouthed the word sorry to her before she went to meet Tigerstripe to see what they would be doing today. While the orange fox was doing that, Snowpup skidded to a halt in front of her mentor. She was panting while she fought to catch her breath as she gazed up at the white-and-black fox.

"Sorry I'm late!" she yelped, ears folding back in shame. "I overslept! I was so excited about becoming a trainee that I was up most of the night and... You're not mad... Are you?"

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6Foxfighters Empty Re: Foxfighters on Wed Oct 25, 2017 1:43 pm


Icepool looked down at his trainee feeling slightly angered at the fact that she was late to her first training session, but that soon dissipated, she was young and after all had been too excited to even sleep the moment she became a trainee; Any soldier could relate to that, he thought.

"Don't worry about it, you're here now and that's what matters. Just don't let it happen again," he said as his gaze switched over to Tigerstripe. "Well what do you think we should start them out with?"

((Sorry for the late reply Watson.))

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7Foxfighters Empty Re: Foxfighters on Wed Oct 25, 2017 7:06 pm


(You're fine Sagy. It wasn't that late.)

There was great relief that washed over the young she-fox as her mentor wasn't upset with her for being late. She promised that she wouldn't be late again tomorrow. She and Firepup had been talking throughout most of the night about how they were now trainees. It was nice to know that Icepool was okay with it. So long as it doesn't happen again, she reminded herself.

The golden colored she-fox was speaking to her trainee before her ears twitched as the black-and-white fox's question. She turned her green gaze to face him as she replied. "We should show them the territory today," she responded. "Since it'll take most of the day to, we could hunt on the way back. Tomorrow we can take them to the training area to work on their fighting skills. If you'll allow Snowpup to join us, Icepool."

The two friends looked up at the older fox, silently hoping he would agree to allow the smaller white fox to join them tomorrow for some battle training. If the soldier had something else in mind for him and his trainee, Tigerstripe wasn't going to argue. He could train the young vulpine how he wanted. It would make Snowpup upset that she couldn't train with her friend, but she knew that the two of them couldn't always be together. It just didn't work like that.

Meanwhile, seeing as she was already awake, Honeypup was making her way towards the Clinic to see what Applefeather had in store for her today. If she recalled correctly, tonight was a full moon and that meant the Gathering was going to take place. She would be going to it tonight if all went well. She wondered how her friends in the other Packs were doing. She hoped well, but she'd find out later if she was worrying over nothing. With the cold season coming soon, it was going to be tough on all the Packs.

"Applefeather?" the golden she-fox called into the darkened den. "Are you there?"

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8Foxfighters Empty Re: Foxfighters on Sun Nov 26, 2017 3:16 pm


(I'mma bump this since it's been awhile. XD)

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Icepool agreed with Tigerstripe's suggestion, after all it would be good for the two young foxes to learn their own territory before they do anything too serious. Although he wasn't sure if he wanted Snowpup to start battle training immediately, while that was important hunting was a bit easier and a lot more necessary for keeping the pack healthy. To him it would make more sense to work at that skill more for the time being. 

After giving it some thought the white fox finally replied, "alright, we'll join you tomorrow for battle training," he switched his gaze back to his trainee, "however we will have to work on your hunting skills more afterward. Knowing how to fight is good, but knowing how to provide food for your pack and yourself properly is more necessary; after all battles don't happen all the time." 


Applefeather looked up from her task of organizing all of her herbs at the sound of her name, the she-fox, feeling a little distracted still didn't reply at first, she stared for a few more moments before finally being able to register that it was her trainee that had decided to interrupt her. 

"What do you need?" she asked as she looked back down at her task and began sorting once again, she felt bad for sounding a little curt by asking such a question but she was sure that Honeypup would understand. Being a curer wasn't too much of a difficult task, but it did require a lot more knowledge and a good memory as well and sometimes even a strong stomach and sound mind.

10Foxfighters Empty Re: Foxfighters on Sat Dec 02, 2017 6:07 am


The two young foxes flashed each other grins at hearing they would be training together tomorrow. Snowpup twitched an ear as she looked up at Icepool as he explained to her what they would be doing tomorrow after she did battle training with Firepup. She listened closely as he explained to her the reason why hunting was more important than fighting.

"But isn't learning how to fight important too?" the trainee questioned, tilting her head to one side. "I get that hunting is too, and fights don't happen all the time... But isn't it important to be prepared?"


The young fox's ears perked up as she heard her mentor's reply from the den. Honeypup stepped inside to see what Applefeather was doing. She found the older she-fox sorting through the herbs they currently had in stoke. The golden vulpine looked over them with her green eyes, her brain trying to come up with the different names for them. She was still a bit rusty with her herb names and their uses, but the red fox was normally patient with her and would help her out if she got stuck.

She understood the curt response her mentor had given her, though it did hurt her feelings a small bit. She couldn't help but to wonder what had gotten Applefeather in such cross-mood. Was it because the cold season was going to be upon them soon? Was she worried about sickness for the Pack? Attacks from the other Packs?

"I wanted to see if you had anything for me to do today," Honeypup pipped up as she padded over beside the older she-fox. She looked up at the elder vulpine, concern in her emerald eyes and tone. "Is everything okay, Applefeather?"

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11Foxfighters Empty Re: Foxfighters on Fri Dec 29, 2017 6:17 am


He looked at her quizzically, "now I didn't say we wouldn't have some battle training. I just would rather have you better prepared for something you're going to be doing for the majority of your life. If you choose to learn on the way, that's fine but don't expect to catch a whole lot. Practice makes perfect after all." The older fox knew that battle training was just as important, but especially during the winter it would be better for his trainee to be well-skilled in hunting, food would be scarce and every hunting trip would have to count.

"But we better move along, I don't want it to be dark when we finish today." Icepool said, turning around and glancing at Tigerstripe for a moment before taking a few pawsteps forward to symbolize that he was more than ready to get things done and over with.


"You can help me sort these herbs if you like, I want them all organized before some foxes start getting sick," Applefeather replied, as she continued to sort out the herbs. Absorbed in her work, the red fox had almost completely forgot that her trainee had asked her another question, "oh...I'm fine just a little worried about the cold that's going to be upon us in a short while, you know how things get." She felt a little sick herself at the thought of having a lot to deal with, even though she cared for all foxes it was still difficult for her to keep calm herself when the den would be flooded with so many sick patients. The stressed she-fox even felt worried about her own health in the midst of her many other troublesome thoughts.

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12Foxfighters Empty Re: Foxfighters on Fri Dec 29, 2017 6:37 am


Tigerstripe's whiskers twitched in amusement as she listened to Icepool explain things to Snowpup. The golden she-fox couldn't blame the younger one for being curious about hunting and fighting; she knew that the male vulpine had a good point. With the cold coming in faster than expected, hunting would be better than fighting. It wasn't like they would be getting into fights very often with the other Packs dealing with their own troubles, but it never hurt to be ready for one just in case.

The young trainee twitched an ear as her mentor continued on, teaching her all that she needed to know. She cast a glance at Firepup who gave a nod in agreement to what Icepool was telling her. As the older snow-colored fox stood up ready to leave, the other three followed suit with the older pair taking the lead out of camp.

"Where are we going first?" Snowpup inquired, eager to see what the territory of RumblePack had to offer her. Beside her, she could feel Firepup's excitement about it too. "Do you think we'll run into any of the other Packs?"

"If they do, they're going to be scared by the sight of us!"

The white fox chuckled at her friend's reply, digging her claws into the ground as she walked. She watched as Tigerstripe cast a glance back at them with a frown of disapproval.

"Remember, we're not looking for a fight," she reminded the trainees gently. "We're only showing you the territory. Nothing more. I don't want you two picking a fight with any of the Packs if we run into them. Is that understood?"

Face and ears burning with shame, Snowpup and Firepup nodded in understanding, both quieting down as they padded beside their mentors.


Honeypup nodded as she began helping with the herbs, putting them in piles that she'd move to the back of the den once she was finished with them all. The honey-colored she-fox paused for a brief moment as Applefeather spoke again, answering the question she'd been most worried about. She couldn't blame the red fox for being worried about the cold. It was a troubling time for all the Packs. Foxes would be getting sick far more easier than the two would like and the den would be crowded if it was bad enough.

She pressed up against her mentor, hoping it would ease the stressed-out elder even if only a little bit. She wasn't used to seeing her in such a panic, though she would be lying if she said she wasn't feeling the same. Honeypup had no idea how she was going to deal with all the sickness the cold would bring, but she'd try her best like she always did.

"It'll be okay, Applefeather. You're the best curer in the forest! If anyone can take care of the sick foxes, it'll be you. And I'm here to help you too so you won't be doing it alone. We got this together. Everything will be alright."

While she didn't know if that was the truth or not, SpiritPack only knew for sure, she hoped it would help calm the crimson-colored curer down a little bit.

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