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Daybreak Dogs

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1Daybreak Dogs Empty Daybreak Dogs on Sun Dec 24, 2017 4:10 pm


We are the Yoru dogs. We hunt as a group in a forest, and head to the city at night. We are well known with animals and safety hidden from humans. But ever since Sutoriku, the latest leader, took over, things have gotten out of control. Coyotes are closing in on the pack, bears are growing in numbers, and timbers wolves have been sneaking around. Humans are our masters, though we have parted with them we still respect them. But lately we've seen them shoot members and we're not sure how long we can stay so quiet and non-hostile. But with the weather getting colder. We can't just sit here and do nothing.

We are the dogs that lurk before morning,

We are known as 夜の終わり.

The Yoru Dogs.

The End of the Night.













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2Daybreak Dogs Empty Re: Daybreak Dogs on Sun Jan 07, 2018 1:53 pm


Name: Muna

Gender: Female

Age: Four months

Species: Dog

Breed: Shiba Inu

Personality: Muna is a friendly little puppy. She’s kind and caring, willing to help others out if need be. She doubts herself a lot, often thinking that she can’t do things because she’s nothing more than a small puppy with the weight of saving  Yoru from an evil tyrant on her shoulders. Despite this, she tries to do what she thinks is right, even if others don’t agree with it sometimes. Even so, this little puppy will defend herself if she needs to and will die to protect those she cares about.

History: Muna was born to Scout, one of the Generals of the canine army. She grew up living a happy-go-lucky life playing with her friend Kunai, a Kai Dog puppy. But that all changed one day for the tiny dog. Her home was attacked by enemy dogs while she was out playing with Kunai. By the time she returned home, she was left to face the aftermath of the battle that had taken place.

She ran to the dying body of her uncle, a large Doberman named Bosco. He told her to run away to find a pack to find Major Flint, that he would know what to do. The frightened puppy followed his orders, racing away from her once home. She never once looked back as tears trailed down her blue eyes.

It wasn’t long before she ran into the Major. She watched as the doberman attacked smaller dogs left over from the first attack. The son of Sniper spoke to her not long after, chasing away the doubt she had about leading a pack to take back Yoru from a group of dogs that had taken over there.

Joined by Kunai, the three dogs began their long quest to find a pack in order to save the other dogs from the evil dog known as Sutoriku.

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